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Protección colectiva en las comunidades indígenas: el Plan de vida

Desde el año 2019, Protection International (PI) acompaña el fortalecimiento de capacidades para la protección colectiva de las comunidades indígenas de las etnias Sikuani, Kuiba y Piapoco, ubicadas en el municipio de La Primavera: en el asentamiento El Trompillo y los resguardos La Pascua y la Llanura, en el departamento del Vichada, en la región […]

Pathway to A Feminist International Corporate Accountability Framework

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The report – Pathway to A Feminist International Corporate Accountability Framework – published by ActionAid, ACCA, ACT Alliance, AWID, FIDA Uganda, Plataforma Internacional contra la Impunidad, Protection International, ISHR, IWRAW Asia Pacific, and ZELA aims to inspire further action and sets out next steps achieve such a feminist framework. Women around the world continue to […]

Self-protection Strategies Implemented by Grassroots WHRDs in Kenya

Protection International Kenya launches a new report Self-protection Strategies Implemented by Grassroots WHRDs Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) are targeted for who they are and as a result of their work defending human rights. Many economic, social, cultural, and geographical factors affect how WHRDs experience human rights violations, which are all connected to gender and […]

Visualising the Risk Approach Analysis and Protection Plan Principles

Risk Approach Analysis and Protection Plan Principles

In January 2021, a group of interdisciplinary experts from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia came together to craft a list of principles for “Redefining the Risk Approach”. The risk approach has become a foundational element of building protection strategies for human rights defenders (HRDs) all over […]

Collective Protection Networks for Remote Rural Communities: A Case Study of the Role of Social Networks in Protecting Rural Communities in Latin America

Working Paper No. 11 Protection International, May 2021 The Human Rights Defender Hub Working Papers Series This Working Paper Series aims to make research related to HRDs freely accessible and to promote further discussion and research. The papers in this series present recent research findings, highlight under-explored issues, and set out theoretical or methodological approaches […]

Research Reveals Systematic Patterns in the Murder of Human Rights Defenders in Colombia

[31 March 2021] The Interchurch Commission for Justice and Peace, the organisations Fundación Forjando Futuros and Somos Defensores, the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) and the Colombian Commission of Jurists—with the support of Protection International, OXFAM and DIAKONIA—presented the preliminary finding of research that points to the existence of systematic patterns in […]

Risk Diagnostic of the Situation of Indigenous Human Rights Defenders in Vichada, Colombia

On 4 March, Protection International Colombia joined together with the Corporación Claretiana Norman Pérez Bello, the communities of the El Trompillo Settlement and the indigenous Resguardos of La Llanura and La Pascua in the municipality of La Primavera to present a risk diagnostic named “Canaleteando juntos y juntas la defensa de lo nuestro: a look […]

Collective Protection: Conversations with Human Rights Defenders in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras

Report on discussions concerning the collective protection of individuals and communities that are defenders of human, environmental and territorial rights In 2020, Protection International-PI, the Associação de Advogados de Trabalhadores Rurais- AATR (Brazil), the Centro de Estudos e Ação Social-CEAS (Brazil) and the Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço – CESE (Brazil), organized four virtual conversations with […]

21 Principles for Implementing the Risk Approach

21 Principles for Implementing the Risk Approach

Guidance for States on how to more efficaciously protect human rights defenders [Brussels] 26 January 2021.- Today, we are proud to publish the Risk Analysis and Protection Plan Principles, otherwise known as the “Risk Approach Recommendations”, which were created in collaboration with over 65 human rights defenders and experts from around the world in order […]