Protection International AJ NOJ (Protection Desk Guatemala) contributes to the creation of a peaceful, safe and enabling environment for human rights defenders (HRDs) and civil society in Mesoamerica where the work on human rights is under severe constraint in the post conflict scenario.

Protection Desk (PD) Guatemala seeks to strengthen the security management capacity of community-based HRDs victims and/or at risk of internal forced displacement and land grabbing due to development policies and large extractive projects carried out without prior consultation to the indigenous communities violating the Convention 169 ILO. Protection International (PI) also engages with duty bearers and other stakeholders to increase the protection of defenders and at the same time facilitate the dialogue to avoid social conflict.

PI contributes towards empowering HRDs and increasing their capacity to effectively manage their protection and security with capacity building processes which cover physical and digital security issues, advocacy and communication skills, collective and preventive strategies, counter criminalization strategies, and also wellbeing and psychosocial support.

PI puts its commitments into practice by ensuring that its contributions are made in partnership with the accompanied HRDs, respecting and promoting their voice and their priorities without interference in their working objectives. PI seeks to work alongside grassroots HRDs as much as possible, in the countries where they face repression and attacks, but is also active in political spheres where relevant decisions are made by those in power.

Moreover, applied research on thematic priorities: public policies, criminalization and protection networks is one of the key activities of PD Guatemala.