Protection Desk (PD) Thailand is a local hub for security management expertise, capacity building, protection network and a center for monitoring public policies on the right to defend.

Through its work with community-based activists since the inception of the activities in Thailand, Protection International (PI) has gained trust and valuable access to communities and networks and has often been the only organisation obtaining immediate information on their situation, even when violations such as killings have occurred. While this may be seen as proof of the thoroughness of our research and network capacities, it is unfortunately also a sign of the very limited focus given to these community based HRDs by other stakeholders in the country.

Protection International Manual for human rights defenders has been developed hand in hand with Thai HRDs and published into Thai (2013) and it has been used as main content from the Thailand Ministry of Justice for their first   manual on HRDs protection. PD Thailand is one of the key partners in the Ministry of Justice, Rights and Liberties Protection Department’s Program on HRDs protection in Thailand.