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Protection International (PI) offers tailored onsite and online capacity building support on security management and protection. Our senior advisors support communities, organisations and individual human rights defenders (HRDs) in assessing their risks in their specific contexts and work towards developing and implementing comprehensive security plans and protocols that address comprehensively their physical and digital security as well as important aspects of self-care and well-being. The support is shaped by a thorough assessment prior to the workshop, a comprehensive analysis and recommended course of action afterwards.

Going beyond one-off sessions, PI´s capacity building approach builds on follow up support – both onsite and over distance – accompanying defenders in weaving security management into all aspects of their work at the individual, organisational and community levels. PI employs a mix of workshops, consultations and coaching sessions with participative learning methods and the possibility of combining onsite and online support.

Our team of Senior Advisors are seasoned facilitators with a longstanding, comprehensive experience on protection and security management. They have long-standing experience with a variety of HRDs working on different thematic issues such as freedom of speech, land rights, environmental issues, women’s rights, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, sexual and reproductive rights. They are professionals with a solid understanding of organizational dynamics, profound knowledge on capacity-building approaches and HRDs’ needs.

Members of the pool of advisors have practical experience working with HRDs in highly volatile environments across the world e.g. Cambodia, Chad, Colombia, Liberia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, El Salvador and Uganda. Past and current partners include a variety of local and international organisations such as Amnesty International, Peace Brigades International, and Transparency International.

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