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Protection International (PI) has proven experience in accompanying communities and organisations working in hostile contexts, characterised by social, territorial and armed conflicts, and has developed methodologies and tools for empowerment and the development of collective capacities to autonomously manage their security and protection, while recognising the role of the state as a guarantor of rights.

PI has been present in Colombia since 2009, and works with grassroots organisations and communities that carry out processes to defend their rights. During this time PI has accompanied communities and collective processes in defence of human rights in various regions and departments of the country: Cauca, Caquetá, Santander, Putumayo and Vichada. It supports communities, rural organisations and women with the aim of contributing to increasing their agency and collective capacities to exercise their right to defend human rights and to autonomously manage the risks that this generates. It seeks to contribute to the protection of their lives and integrity, as well as their space for action.

Protection International also acts to influence duty bearers: it urges authorities to fulfil their obligations to protect the right to defend human rights, in accordance with the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, and develops new knowledge on protection, with an emphasis on rural defenders.

The team in Colombia also works beyond its borders, accompanying community processes and human rights organisations in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguay, among others. This accompaniment is done in close collaboration with the global team based in Europe, and with local organisations, which provides a broad vision of the situation of human rights defenders in the world and the exchange of experiences and good practices from a global perspective. It also makes possible the complementarity of pedagogical practices and diverse learning methodologies, with an intercultural and gender focus.

Protection International's work in Colombia is currently possible thanks to the support of core funds provided by donors such as the Ford Foundation and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).


[Guide] Basic elements of computer security for defenders

Guide "Basic elements of computer security for defenders" The current situation of insecurity and the computer-related risks that people who are conducting activities in defence of human rights experience daily have increased during the crisis caused by COVID-19. Social isolation and mobility-restricting measures have led us to carry out most of our activities online, in many cases from our own homes and with our own (usually limited) resources. In addition to this, as published in the press in recent weeks, the Pegasus project has revealed that many governments have targeted journalists,...

[Infographic] What do we mean by collective protection?

What do we mean by collective protection and what are its main elements? In the infographic below, we share the key concepts that are needed to better understand collective protection. What is it? Who constitutes a collective of human rights defenders? What are their approaches? And what are some examples within the Colombian context? Protection International created this infographic for human rights defenders in order to explain the collective protection approach on which we base our work. In the first section of the infographic, you will find two key definitions: What is collective...

Collective Protection: Conversations with Human Rights Defenders in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras

Report on discussions concerning the collective protection of individuals and communities that are defenders of human, environmental and territorial rights   In 2020, Protection International-PI, the Associação de Advogados de Trabalhadores Rurais- AATR (Brazil), the Centro de Estudos e Ação Social-CEAS (Brazil) and the Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço - CESE (Brazil), organized four virtual conversations with the aim of creating spaces for critical reflection, through dialogue and exchange, around issues related to the collective protection of human rights defenders in Latin America....

The risks of defenders of the right to land and territory in the post-peace agreement scenario in Colombia

The risks of defenders of the right to land and territory in the post-peace agreement scenario in Colombia - a view from the region is a joint publication by Protection International and Pensamiento y Acción Social (PAS) that throws light on the reality for land rights defenders in a post-peace agreement Colombia, as well as looking at the implementation of the peace agreement in regions most affected by the 50 year conflict. In 2016, the signing of the peace agreement between the national government and the FARC meant for Colombian society both the end of the oldest armed confrontation in...


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05 Feb


Colombia : Campaign for the right to defend defenders

In september 2009, Margaret Seggakya, the UN special rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, launched the campaign for the right to

14 Oct


Luis Guillermo Perez : a Colombian defender witnesses about fifteen years of human rights violations

Last May, the revelations regarding the continued surveillances operations carried out on the European soil by the Colombian Administrative Departm