Protection International Navarra - Nazioarteko Babesa Nafarroa, shares with Protection International the vision of a world where human rights and basic freedoms are universally recognized and respected, and where everyone enjoys the right to defend them without fear of receiving threats or suffering attacks.

To this end, it works to implement this visión, in coordination with Protection International, by:

            1. Empowering defenders to enable them to manage their own protection.

            2. Intervene before authorities as to their responsibilities with regard to matters of protection.

            3. Involve other individuals, institutions, and key actors in the protection of human rights defenders.


The Navarra office was established in 2016 to work autonomously in association with Protection International, supporting its projects and programs and spreading awareness of the issues faced by those who defend human rights across the world, and the work that PI has undertaken to defend and empower them.

The Navarra office works in two areas: managing projects to develop, monitor and evaluate, and advance awareness through a wide range of activities. Some of these activities are associated with the projects being managed, and others laid as a channel for victims of human rights violations, giving voice to victimized populations and their leaders, visualizing the unjust situations they have undergone and spreading awareness of our programs as a form of help to those who defend human rights. This helps develop key capabiities for human rights defenders to effectively manage their own protection allow those with the mandate to protect them to fulfill their obligations, and persuade other individuals and institutions to contribute to protecting human rights defenders to maximize their positive contributions.



From the getgo, we have developed an administrative edifice to give legal personality to the organization and secure recognition from development agencies at both state and regional level.

We have also prepared the organizational infrastructure that supports effective functioning, events organizations, and awareness spreading.

We have maintained discussions with the Coordinator for Development Non-Governmental Organizations to establish a collaboration line with it and join it in the future.

We surfaced publicly in October 2016 with an activity developed with local House of Youth centers. The “For those who died trying / Para aquellos que murieron en el intento” photography exhibit, which shows names and faces – those of the people who have stepped up in Thailand to defend human rights, land rights, community rights, and who have been persued, harassed, criminalized, assassinated, or abducted.

Pamplona municipal councilors Iruñea Alberto Labarga and Xabier Zabala participated in our launch, which was covered by the local press.

The exhibit also featured three documentaries commenting on the struggle for land rights and provided an opportunity to honor the memory of Berta Cáceres.

From 2016, we have formed part of the “Colombia the right to live in peace - Colombia el derecho a vivir en paz - Bakea bizitzeko eskubidea Kolonbian” consortium, which organizes yearly festivals to advance awareness of the state of human rights and of human rights defenders. The presence of Colombian people also gave a platform for lobbying purposes. This group of organizations, in addition to P.I., is comprised of:

                       Mugarik Gabe

                       Amnistía Internacional


                       Brigadas Internacionales de Paz PBI

                       Espacio REDO

This year was dedicated to the role of social movements in advancing peace negotiations and to apply pressure on social movements, and featured the presence of Alexandra Bermúdez Osorio, a recognized human rights defender in Colombia, director of the National Congress of the People, and a professional sociologist.

On the 25, 26, and 28th of April, alongside the organization Mundu bat, we celebrated a congress on Conflict, Transicions, and Peace Processes. These three days saw the participation of Fernand o Harto, Gloria Guzman, and Hugo Paternina, Mbuyi Kabunda and Ivan Forero. (See program)



Although the completion of our projects will depend on multiple external factors, such as financing and outside support, our agenda for the upcoming months is the following – though it remains tentative for two reasons; first off because we intend not to exhaust all possible sensitization activities without first being able to present them as activities requiring financing; secondly because we are still determining which cooperation and solidarity projects we will be able to present, upon which our possible awareness-raising and sensitization activities are contingent.

Given that memorial to Berta Cáceres planned in Zaragoza was not carried out, given we failed to receive final information from the municipality, we wish to hold a similar even on the Arga river, which traverses the city, and which she transited and emblematized herself.

In collaboration with other NGOs, we wish to carry out further activities to reconsider the assassination of the defenders of the earth Berta Cáceres and Bety Cariño.

We wish to bring back the idea of using cinema as a sensitization medium, to project at least two films, which we have already selected out of Latin American film festivals, as well as a documentary film.

We also intend to take advantage of the arrival of field workers in PI’s projects, or who could travel to Pamplona, to deliver a conference or talk on the tasks of defending human rights defenders in the field.

If the graffiti project in Colombia succeeds, it could offer a good model for a local project, which would allow us to give it significant projection, both institutionally and in public media.

We also do no rule out the possibility of hosting an exhibit on PI’s work in Latin America.



From its foundation, Protection International Navarra - Nazioarteko Babesa Nafarroa has established partnerships with organizations and institutions with which it has already collaborated in previous activities. We understand, as does Protection International that working in collaboration with other organizations is a natural act, which augments individual capacities and improves results. Our partners include the following:


Consorcio “Colombia el derecho a vivir en paz - Bakea bizitzeko eskubidea Kolonbian” composed by the organization:

Mugarik Gabe

Amnesty International

Aldea ONG de cooperación y solidaridad

Brigadas Internacionales de Paz PBI

Espacio REDO

In addition to reinforcing existing bonds, we also intend to develop them with additional organizations and institutions, such as the NGO Coordinator for the Development of Navarra and Berdinak, a collective that has supported past Protection International projects.

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