Protection Journal number 3: Human Rights Defenders at high risk, Security considerations for their families and personal lives

This journal number 3, deals with the protection measures that defenders can use in their life and their family.Available in English and Spanish.

This journal number 3, produced by UDEFEGUA and Protection International contains suggestions on personal security measures for human rights defenders (HRDs) at high risk as tools for their protection against events, threats or aggression in their private lives.

For the purpose of this handbook, security measures are defined as preventive actions or rules to help avoid or minimise the effects of acts that negatively impact or injure people and their property.

Taking such measures aims at preventing or minimising the negative consequences of potential aggressions on HRDs’ homes, families, neighbourhoods or communities. The measures outlined in the handbook aim at guiding HRDs in aspects to consider when seeking to improve the security of their private lives including that of their familes. It is recommended that a HRDto undertake a risk assessment with their family or a specialised organisation to identify security measures that effectively minimise the risks identified.

Available in two languages, you can acced the document by clickin in the image.




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