We currently work in four regions:

·      Magdalena Medio: with 5 communities, El Guayabo, Bella Unión, Las Pavas, Nueva Esperanza and El Garzal.

·      Cauca region: afro Colombian communities in Cauca linked to the territorial organisation COCOCAUCA working specially with the "convites" belonging to the Guají council which includes 8 communities with one convite each of them formed by 11 people and the legal representatives from at least other 7 local councils and ACIN (Asociación de Cabildeos Indígenas del Cauca).

·      Córdoba region: 3 communities (Las Catas, Quindio and Dochama) Grupo de Tierra y Territorio de Córdoba formed by 12 peasant communities.

·      El Cesar region: El Hatillo community.