Capacity building


How to summarise a year spent day by day next to those promoting and protecting human rights? Our Focus Stories, formerly Top Impact stories, showcase some emblematic examples of how slowly but steadily we are taking incremental steps towards a greater promotion of the right to defend human rights. Within this short leaflet, we've highlighted just a few of the many memorable moments of another year filled with ambitious objectives, achieved with communities of human rights defenders.


Collective Power! Regional Exchange of Thai and Indonesian HRDs

December 2018 marked a milestone for Protection International, with our first ever regional community exchange. Over 4 days in Southern Thailand, defenders of the Southern Peasants Federation of Thailand (SPFT) met with Indonesian defenders from six organisations of buruh tani (farm workers). The objective was to
foster a South-to-South learning exchange, bringing together stories of hope and sharing knowledge on the defense of rights in their respective communities.