Nepal:”Loktantra!” (25 min EN)

In May 28th 2008, Nepal became a federal republic after 239 years of Hindu monarchy and 10 years of a Maoist rebellion held by Prachanda (“the fierce one”).
In August 2008, Prachanda has been elected as Prime Minister by the Constitutional Assembly, mostly Maoists since the elections of April.

Civil society organisations and human rights defenders have played a big role in the change of the regime. For that, many of them have been facing murder, threats, harassment, torture, and exile. 
Some of them are giving here their testimonies about that period of violence starting with the royal “coup” of February 1st 2005 and April 2006 when the successful “people’s movement” inaugurated the new era of Nepal: this movement is called Loktantra in Nepali.

Now, in addition to restore Justice for 13.000 victims of the conflict and much more cases of torture, forced disappearances and other Human Rights violations, gender, cast, ethnic-based discriminations have still to be eradicated in the “new Nepal”.

Protection International is working in Nepal since 2004, providing protection strategies for human rights defenders at risk.