The Netherlands/China: Tulip Award 2011

The independent jury for the Dutch Human Rights Defenders Tulip has awarded the prize for 2011 to the Chinese activist Ni Yulan, 51.

The prize is meant for an individual who has done exceptional human rights work. At the request of the family of Ni Yulan, the name of this year’s laureate is only being announced now. The date of the presentation ceremony will be made known in the new year. Yulan is currently in custody awaiting trial. She is being awarded the prize in recognition for her work on behalf of citizens of Beijing whose houses were confiscated and demolished in the run-up to the 2008 Olympic Games. She has been imprisoned on numerous occasions in recent years.

The Human Rights Defenders Tulip consists of a statue and 100,000 Euros in funding for a project agreed on with Ni Yulan. This year is the fourth time that the Human Rights Defenders Tulip is awarded. Previous winners were Justine Masika Bihamba (Congo-2008), Shadi Sadr (Iran-2009) and Bertha Oliva de Natívi (Honduras- 2010).