Víctimas, testigos e intermediarios de defensores de los derechos humanos

Impunity is a major obstacle for the enjoyment of Human Rights.

It fuels the impression that the use of violence is an affordable option. Human Rights Defenders stand up for victims and witnesses of Human Rights violations. They document the victim’s testimony, help to provide it  to authorities, courts or other forums, seeking to eradicate impunity and bring perpetrators to justice.
The justice system often leans on Human Rights Defenders for gathering evidence and obtain access toto victims and witnesses. However, most judicial programmes for the protection of victims and witnesses do not support the woman/man in the middle, the Human Rights defender.

It so happens that both the Defender, the victim or witness may find themselves threatened or attacked in the process. Protection International has been studying mechanisms and practices –in Latin America, Central Africa and South East Asia- on how those Human Rights Organisations manage the protection of the people who speak out; while at the same time protecting themselves.

Based on this research Protection International has been offering advice and support in countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and to lawyers, Human Rights Activists, victims and witnesses who choose to organise and to protect themselves.


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