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For the right to defend human rights.

Our freedoms, our rights, our societies depend on people who take a stand in their defence. In other words, human rights need defenders.

Human rights defenders take personal risks to make a safer, more equal, more inclusive and more just world for us all. Yet, in many parts of the world they are harassed, jailed, prosecuted, attacked and even killed, often with complete impunity.

Protection International stands for the right to defend human rights. By protecting human rights defenders, we are protecting your rights too.

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Who we are

We are an international non-profit organisation that supports human rights defenders in developing their security and protection management strategies. Since 2007, Protection International has been working with local partners across the globe. We understand that human rights defenders are subjects of rights, instead of objects for protection.

What we do

We support human rights defenders through comprehensive protection programmes, using a preventative, collective, psychosocial, gender-sensitive and intersectional approach.

Our latest


18 June 2024
We are excited to unveil Protection International (PI)’s new visual identity! We have worked to defend the right to defend...

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