Our vision

We aspire to a world in which fundamental human rights and freedoms are universally recognised and respected by all. Everyone has the right to defend these rights and freedoms without fear of threats or attack.

Our mission

Our contribution to that world is to support human rights defenders (HRDs) through comprehensive protection programmes. Our programmes enable HRDs to build capacities for managing their protection effectively. We carry out targeted advocacy so that those who have the duty to protect HRDs fulfil their obligations, and we work to convince other individuals and institutions with a stake in the protection of HRDs to maximise their positive contribution. Protection International always works in partnership with defenders.

Our values

Solidarity & Collaboration
We are committed to standing alongside HRDs and supporting their efforts to improving our societies through peaceful means.

Grassroots Ethos
We are committed to identifying the needs of HRDs and their communities, to adapting our work to their realities (cultural, historical, economic, etc.), and to valuing their work and their voices.

Commitment to Human Rights
We believe that respecting human rights will contribute to a more just global society. Everybody has the right to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms without discrimination based on their identity, nor fear of being threatened or attacked.

Participatory Decision-Making
We promote the respect and participation of everyone in the decision-making process. We are committed to horizontal and active listening – recognising the value in having a diversity of skills, perspectives and ideas.

Accountability & Integrity
We are committed to communicating, both internally and externally, about what we are doing as an exercise of transparency that reflects a reliable and credible organisation, fostering trust amongst our partners. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy on corruption.

Creativity & Learning
We are committed to: reflecting on our individual and collective practices; learning from our mistakes; being open to new ideas and ways of working; sharing internally in order to learn; innovating and improving our level of understanding; and putting our lessons learned into practice to more effectively contribute to the work of others.