The criminalisation of la Lucha movement in DRC | Criminalisation Series #2

11/07/2018 – Protection International (PI) launches its report on the criminalisation of la Lucha, a citizen movement for the defense of human rights, exposing the characteristics and impacts of this criminalisation on the members of the movement and on their communities and social networks, in the particular context of the Democratic Republic of Congo. With […]

Criminalisation of human rights defenders: Categorisation of the problem and measures in response

Criminalisation of Human Rights Defenders – Categorisation of the problem and measures in response aims to provide responses to protection challenges for criminalised HRDs, civil society organisations and rural communities. To this end, the report illustrates the interplay among legal instruments, socio-political contexts, practices by state authorities and non-state actors, which altogether ultimately contribute to […]

Guide for Facilitators (2013)

This publication is intended to serve as a tool for people who are interested in facilitating training processes to develop protection capacities in human rights defenders (HRDs), their organisations and communities. The Guide contains practical advice to structure and prepare workshop sessions along the pathway set out in PI’s New Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders.

Protection of Human Rights Defenders, Best Practices and lessons learnt

In recent years several governments have developed specific national mechanisms to protect defenders, all of them in countries seriously lacking in protection for human rights defenders. These mechanisms (laws, action policies, offices) have been established under pressure from (and with the cooperation of) national and international human rights organisations, with essential legal support from the […]

Observation report on the Chebeya-Bazana case before the Kinshasa-Gombe military court

Protection International (PI) helps and supports Congolese NGOs in the defense of human rights defenders and their rights. Due to the prevailing climate of impunity of the Democratic Republic of Congo and specially in relation with abuses against human rights defenders, it’s been necessary to make an appeal on a fair trial, the compliance of […]

Protection Manual for LGBTI Defenders: 2nd Edition (2010)

Protection International has been working in the protection of human rights defenders for some years. To date our work has focused mainly on mainstream human rights defenders working in situations of open conflicts. In conversations with various defenders working on LGBTI rights it became evident that we needed to expand our focus and our work […]

[French] Guidelines for the observation on criminal trials

This Guidelines for the observation on criminal trials aims to provide guidelines for observers working on criminal trials in Africa. In fact, it is based on a study carried out in the Republic Democratic of Congo but this guidelines can be applied to any process taking place in any region of the world. For a […]