HRDs being interviewed by journalists


Documentary projection of “Drops that crack the rock” in Brussels, Saturday 10th May

4 July 2012



During the 60 minutes of “Drops that crack the rock”, the audience is taken through the various emblematic cases of the José Alvear Restrepo Lawyers’ Collective, from the enforced disappeared, to the executions, tortures during the 1985 Palace of Justice Siege events and the DAS (“Colombian ex-intelligence secret services”) criminal drift during the Uribe Vélez administration, discovering cases such as the murder of Senator Manuel Cepeda Vargas in 1994, the Mapiripán massacre (Meta) in 1997, of Santo Domingo (Arauca) in 1998, or the enforced dispossession of land of the Wiwas and Kankuamas communities in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

The documentary counts with valuable testimonies of lawyers, victims, historians and journalists. Since 1978, a lawyers’ collective defends human rights and promotes peace in Colombia. In the context of the more-than-50-year old armed conflict, charging people responsible of the most serious crimes which benefit of total impunity converts itself in a risky and difficult labour. Nevertheless, it is marked by the persistence of people capable of changing the impossible into something possible.

If you wish to discover the stories of these men and women who dedicate their lives in defending victims of a conflict marked with blood and fire, you cannot miss this documentary “Drops that crack the rock”, a film made by the Spanish director Antonio Girón Serrano.

You will also be able to appreciate good Colombian empanadas!

Place: Piano Fabriek
Date: Saturday 10th May
Time: 18:00
Free entrance