Sharing Knowledge About the Collective Protection of Black Women Human Rights Defenders

On June 5, Protection International and the Institute of Black Women – GELEDÉS presented the guidebook “Sharing knowledge about collective protection of black women human rights defenders”, a publication resulting from the series of virtual meetings “Voices of women” which were held in 2020. The booklet compiles information and insights from more than 20 black […]

[Spanish] Protección colectiva: conversaciones con personas defensoras de derechos humanos en Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala y Honduras

To read the English article, follow the link. Memorias de cuatro conversatorios sobre la protección colectiva a personas y colectividades defensoras de los derechos humanos, ambientales y territoriales En 2020, las organizaciones Protection International (PI) con su trabajo en Brasil; la Associação de  Advogados de Trabalhadores Rurais- AATR (Brasil); el Centro de Estudos e Ação […]

Redefining the Risk Approach

Redefining the Risk Approach

Designing and implementing a human rights defender-centric approach to protection We are proud to publish “Redefining the Risk Approach”, a publication about the Risk Analysis and Protection Plan Principles, otherwise known as the “Risk Approach Recommendations”. The Risk Analysis and Protection Plan Principles are 21 concrete statements, which outline the most essential and foundational concepts […]