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An Appeal to the UNFCCC & State Parties at COP27

12 October 2022

PI Signs An Appeal to the UNFCCC & State Parties at COP27

The climate crisis is among the most critical and complex issues our planet and its people face. Human rights and climate action are increasingly indivisible and the need to transition to cleaner energies has never been more urgent. Yet this transition will be set up to fail if it focuses solely on being fast, and not on also being just. Protection International is joining over 200 organizations in signing an open letter asking the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and State parties to put human rights at the center of the energy transition at COP27.

As described by the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, “The core message of the letter is that the energy transition needs to be just, in particular for Indigenous and other frontline communities, otherwise, it will continue to be resisted, delayed, and will ultimately fail. The signatories are challenging the climate agenda that maintains existing industrial models, is opening the door to irresponsible investments, and are expecting communities that contributed the least to the climate crisis to bear the brunt of the transition, without benefiting from it and without being able to shape it.”

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