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FREE GERMAIN RUKUKI ! -Solidarity call with Germain Rukuki #rukuki

8 December 2017

Protection International is taking part actively in the solidarity campaign with HRD Germain Rukuki, unlawfully arrested on 13th July 2017. Help us spread the word and tweet in all languages, to as many people as you can! Germain #Rukuki, we are with you!

Human Rights Defender Germain Rukuki was arrested on 13th July 2017 for “rebellion and undermining of State security”. As a human rights defender, he has always taken action for victims of abuses and violations of their human rights, of sexual violence, torture, for people detained in appalling conditions, condemned to death or missing, regardless of their origin, political opinions, or religious beliefs. We are therefore calling on the Burundian government to implement the Rule of law that it extols, by organizing a fair trial and granting Germain Rukuki interim release, without any further delay. By the Rule of law, Germain Rukuki, as a Burundian citizen without any criminal record, has the right to bail as well as the right to a fair trial organized forthwith.