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Honduras: COPINH member arbitrarily detained by police forces

8 September 2016

Today, Olban Milla of COPINH community radio stations was arbitrarily arrested and detained at the Police station of La Esperanza, Honduras. He was on his way with other members of the Lenca organization to attend a hearing. Police officers grabbed and threatened Olban with a gun before putting him into custody. He was released about 4 hours later.

It is strongly believed his groundless detention was dictated to prevent him from covering the hearing against SENA’s former Vice-Minister who authorized the Agua Zarca Dam project without free, prior, and informed consultation.

His detention follows a worrying tendency of criminalization of activists in Honduras. According to recent surveys and studies, the country remains one of the deadliest places for human rights defenders in the world.

Former COPINH leader Berta Cáceres fought against the Agua Zarca dam Project and was murdered 3rd March 2016 despite being under police protection. Her family and supporters have been demanding that the Honduran government allow an independent internationally-led investigation to be carried out.

A new suspect, Elvin Heriberto Rapalo, also known as El Comanche has been arrested today in San Pedro Zacapa, in the western province of Santa Barbara. Rapalo is the sixth suspect arrested in the murder case of Caceres, along with five others arrested last May.  (Source: El Espectador)