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[Open letter] Protection International and 200 organizations nominate the global community of HRDs for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

18 September 2018

Brussels, 18/09/2018 – Protection International together with more than 200 organizations, including PI Mesoamerica, has signed on to this open letter endorsing the Nobel Peace Prize for the global community of Human Rights Defenders. The release of the open letter, launched by Peace Brigades International, is accompanied by a public petition: Human Rights Defenders for the Nobel Peace Prize, which can be signed here.

As part of its global campaign “Communities are human rights defenders!” around the 20th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, Protection International aims to promote the recognition of the collective dimension of human rights defenders’ work and achievements through the many and all valuable awards given to HRDs. 

Awards given to human rights defenders represent a fantastic acknowledgement of human rights defenders’ work and an incomparable way to raise awareness on outstanding people and their struggles. For their immense value, Protection International calls on all protection actors and award-giving entities to go beyond the recognition of individual heroic figures of individual HRDs and promote collective human rights awards that strengthen communities, organisations and movements.

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