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Online Discussion: Holistic security in practice

12 May 2016

Join us for an online discussion on holistic security with Senior Advisor Nora Rehmer.


Human rights work is a fulfilling and rewarding vocation. But it can also be frustrating, exhausting, and risky. We know that it is important to think about psycho-social well-being, organizational security, and legal and digital security, yet we struggle to put these concepts into practice. Digital or physical security cannot be addressed in isolation, nor can well-being – yet these concepts and practices often remain separated from each other. Holistic security is an attempt to integrate these concepts and highlight their interrelatedness so that we can approach these processes in a more connected and meaningful way. But what does holistic security look like in practice? How can an organization get started? What are some of the common challenges that organizations face in applying these concepts to their work?

How to join the webinar

To tackle these questions, we are hosting a webinar on 18 May 2017 at 14:00 UTC to explore how organizations can put these holistic security concepts into practice. We’ve recruited four practitioners to share their knowledge and experience on holistic security training and implementation. These presenters include:

  • Daniel Ó Cluanaigh, consultant and facilitator on the protection of human rights defenders, and exploratory group member of the Initiative for Sustainable Action
  • Nora Rehmer, Senior Advisor on Policy, Research, and Training at Protection International
  • Sergei Smirnov, digital security trainer
  • Natasha Soloviova, a psychologist working with human rights defenders

Whether you are an experienced holistic security specialist, or a human rights defender new to this concept, we hope you’ll join us for this online discussion on  Holistic security in practice to share your experience and perspective on this topic.

  • What: a live webinar (accompanied by an asynchronous online forum)
  • When: 18 May 2017 at 10 am in New York, 4 pm in Berlin, and 5pm in Nairobi and Moscow (additional timezones)
  • How to register: Fill out this short form to register for this webinar. We will send you the instructions for joining the webinar using the email address shared in the registration form.


How to join the discussion forum

In addition to the live webinar, we’re offering an opportunity for asynchronous discussion on this topic in our discussion forum – the HURIDOCS Collaboratory. Share your questions and challenges in the forum before the webinar if you want us to discuss them on the call, or afterward to continue the conversation. Your questions are a valuable contribution to this conversation, so please share them!

Note: Both the webinar and the forum are open to anyone to join so please be careful what you share – do not share any personally identifiable information of defenders or organizations with whom you work.