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[Open Letter] Protection International adds its name to the Environmental Defenders Declaration for South East Asia

8 January 2019

Brussels, 08/01/2019

In August 2018, Earth Rights Defenders, Not1More (N1M), and Cambodian Youth Network hosted the Forest Defenders Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with more than 90 defenders and allies in attendance.

This conference came together as a response to the closing of political space and the growth of impunity in Southeast Asia. The conference also reflects the frustrations felt by civilians and civil society organizations as defenders in the region face criminalization, violence, and threats.

The result of this conference was the Environmental Defenders Declaration for South East Asia, a declaration that offers concrete recommendations to governments, the private sector, the UN, international finance institutions, and civil society to address the crisis of violence against civilians who take action or resist evictions and dispossession of their lands, forests, seas, and rivers.

By adding our name to this Declaration, we support the protection of defenders in Southeast Asia as they campaign to safeguard their communities and environment.