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PI contributes to the EIDHR Forum 2014 with a presentation on community protection

17 May 2014

The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Forum 2014 takes place between 12-14 May in Brussels. This annual event brings together CSOs that are beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries of the Instrument. It is an opportunity to review their experiences and to look at lessons learned and best practices to improve the EIDHR support for them.

This year’s edition, ‘Protecting Those Who Protect’, focuses on Human Rights Defenders (HRDs). Mauricio Angel Morales, Protection International’s PRTU Officer, contributed with a presentation on community protection to Parallel Session 2: Addressing Operational Challenges (4): Enhancing Physical and Personal Protection of HRDs.

This session aimed to discuss current and future challenges in the physical and personal protection of HRDs, to inform the design of future EIDHR protection mechanisms, and to highlight good practices and innovative approaches. On the 13th, Mauricio Angel shared with the rest of the participants PI’s expertise in protection for community-based human rights defenders living and working in remote areas.