HRDs being interviewed by journalists



13 January 2014

Protection International had the honor to participate in the World Human Rights Forum (WFHR) celebrated in Brasilia from 10th to 13th December 2013. The EU delegation in Brazil and the Human Rights Secretariat of the Republic of Brazil have invited us to make a presentation revolving around the subject of the seminar: “Comparative experiences for the protection of human rights defenders at the international level”.

The seminar was chaired by Luciana García, director of the Department of Defence of Human Rights, from the Human Rights Secretariat. Luis Enrique Eguren, President of Protection International, shared the table with experts from other organizations:

ANDREA ROCCA: Front Line Defenders Director, Ireland

LUIS ENRIQUE EGUREN: President of Protection International, Belgium

LAURA TRESCA: Article 19, South America Office

MICHELLE MORAIS DE SÁ E SILVA: General Coordinator for Accompaniment in Projects of International Cooperation

This seminar was one more among the wide range of activities taking place at this global forum, which also saw the participation of international personalities – see the list of participants.

The WFHR is an initiative of the Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, whose main objective is to promote a space for the public debate on Human Rights in which the main progress and challenges are addressed with an approach of respect for the differences, as well as for the social participation, with the aims of reducing inequalities and fighting against human rights violations.

During the WFHR different conferences and thematic workshops are celebrated, in which national and international invitees participate, coming together to discuss and reflect on human rights. There are also self-managed activities, where the institutions that make up the FMDH Organising Committee come together to present and explain their proposals, as well as for the joint reflection, the exchange of experiences, the articulation, or the creation of networks, movements, and social organizations.

Minister Maria do Rosário, from the Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil, highlighted the participation of representatives coming from 74 countries, more than 500 different activities, and more than 9.000 participants.

We organize this forum in Brazil because we think governments must always be open to dialogue with civil society, precisely because this strengthens democracy”, stated the Minister. “We learn with Mandela that it is ourselves who must be the actors for the promotion of peace”.

In the closing ceremony of the World Human Rights Forum, it was announced which countries will host the next events: Morocco in 2014 and Argentina in 2015.