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Protection International Launches Updated E-Learning Programme

17 March 2021

Protection International Launches Updated E-Learning Programme


More information on the new edition of E-Learning Programme “Security and Protection Management for Human Rights Defenders and Social Organisations” can be found here.


Brussels [17 March 2021] – A newly re-vamped version of Protection International’s online course “Security and Protection Management for Human Rights Defenders and Social Organisations” will be launched in May 2021. Created in 2011, Protection International’s online training initiative aims to better equip those whose work involves human rights, social development and humanitarian aid with a set of various skills, capacities and strategies for improving their level of security and protection. The course includes three thematic modules: Risk Analysis; Protection Strategies and Responses; and Security Management.


The New Protection Manual (NMP) for Human Rights Defenders, developed by Protection International in 2009, still serves as the foundation of this programme; however, this updated edition of the online course includes newly developed material. In this sense, it complements the NMP by offering additional content. After training more than 600 students coming from all over the world, Protection International (PI) considered it was time for an update of its content and training methods:


Many things have changed since when we first conceived our E-learning programme,” says Mauricio Angel, Head of PI’s unit in charge of Policies, Research and Training, “Although it may not seem to be the case, the context for human rights, social development and humanitarian aid work has certainly evolved over the last years and we could not ignore this.


In response to the rise of powerful revisionist agendas on international human rights standards, growing inequality, discrimination of human rights defenders and the legitimisation of oppression against minorities, Protection International’s five-year Global Strategy aims to shift perspective, moving from the protection of Human Rights Defenders towards building their agency (both as individuals and as part of social movements) to exercise the Right to Defend Human Rights. This new course reflects this important shift.


It was important somehow for us to include this paradigm shift and all of the dialectical reflection that it brought within Protection International,” adds Mauricio Angel. “It was also an opportunity to integrate the lessons we learned from the vast amount of experience we have amassed while working together with defenders over the years.


While explaining the integrated and situated approach that PI uses to conduct risk analyses and design protection plans, the new training will transversally explore a range of different topics, such as the physical, digital and emotional impact of security. Through a gendered and intersectional approach, the course will discuss protection networks, as well as the collective dimension of protection, using examples based on true scenarios of risk faced by defenders coming from a diverse array of contexts and identities.


We think about protection and security in a way that is based on concrete risk situations and from the practices of defenders themselves,” explains Luis Enrique Eguren, Senior Adviser. “Through practical case studies, students can better understand concepts, relate them to their daily situations and exchange with other participants.


Course updates in its English, French and Spanish variants aim to facilitate the understanding of protection-related concepts. The teaching is enhanced by the design of infographics, multimedia content and improved interactivity. With practical exercises and games, the course is designed to ensure a clear, effective and applicable learning experience.


This course was also conceived with the aim to combine it with face-to-face workshops. For any person or organisation interested in a customised training combining online and face-to-face sessions, feel free to contact the organisation via the contact form.