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Research Findings: ‘Navigating Risk, Managing Security, and Receiving Support’

9 June 2017

Alice Nah, our Board Director, developed with the Centre for Applied Human Rights of York University a research project on ‘Navigating Risk, Managing Security, and Receiving Support’ focusing on the experiences of human rights defenders in Colombia, Mexico, Kenya, Egypt, and Indonesia. The research findings are available in English, Arabic, Spanish, Kiswahili, and Bahasa Indonesia.

The website also includes the following resources:

  • A Summary of Findings on Mexico (available in English and Spanish)

A number of artists have also produced creative responses to these research findings. On this page, you will see the following:

  • Poetry films made by students at the Centre for Applied Human Rights on the topic of well-being of defenders at risk, based on verbatim poetry composed by Juliana Mensah from the transcripts of some interviews
  • Two songs by a Kenyan artist, Rapasa, in Luo and Kiswahili languages, celebrate the journey of human rights defenders

Over the next few months, they will be adding short films, drawings, paintings, music, poetry, and other creative work based on the experiences of defenders.

If you are interested on receiving more information on the project, you can sign up for their mailing list: