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Defenders in Development: sign the open letter to states and development banks!

10 September 2018

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, Protection International and all members of the Defenders in Development Campaign are calling on states and development banks to take action to ensure that their development interventions support the realization of human rights and safeguard defenders.

Around the world, as megaprojects and investments are imposed on communities without their consent or consultation, those working to protect their lands and resources, fight corruption, and defend human rights are under increasing attack.

For this reason, under the initiative of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development, defenders groups and development accountability organizations around the world have come together to challenge the current model of development and usher in a new development paradigm that advances the realization of human rights and safeguards those who defend them.

The Defenders in Development Campaign engages in capacity building and collective action to ensure that communities and marginalized groups have the information, resources, protection and power to shape, participate in, or oppose development activities, and to hold development financiers, governments and companies accountable. We work to change how development banks, governments and companies operate and to ensure that they respect human rights and guarantee a safe enabling environment for public participation in development processes.

Endorse the Campaign Declaration or find out how to get involved, by clicking here.