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Training for Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri)

5 March 2013

Muhuri (Muslims for Human Rights) is a Muslim organization that promotes human rights in Kenya. Their activity involves several actions such as visiting prisons and promoting women’s rights as well as the rights of indigenous peoples.

In the run-up to the presidential elections scheduled for 4 March 2013, Muhuri has focused its work on preparing their observation. Several members of the organisation have been attacked. Therefore, Muhuri requested the intervention of PI. A security workshop was held at Hotel Jacaranda (Mombasa) from 6 to 8 February 2013.

The training session aimed to introduce 30 participants to the development and implementation of a security plan to respond to potential threats during the elections. Throughout the workshop, participants (all members of the organization) received training on physical and digital security.

Muhuri members expressed their appreciation for the three days of security management training and testified that PI’s support has been “extremely beneficial” and “helped the organisation build its professional strengths and increased its efficiency in security protection”.

Picture credits : © Protection International/Boris Matous.