Taking Care of Us – A Guide for the Collective Protection of Human Rights Defenders in Rural Areas (2020)

Protection International presents the third edition of the publication “Taking Care of Us”, a methodology developed by our team at Protection International Mesoamerica. This publication presents our experience and lessons learned working with human rights defenders in the Mesoamerican region since 2007. This latest publication aims to illustrate our work accompanying groups that defend human […]

Protection Journals (2011-2014 Series)

Protection Journal # 1: La experiencia del Comité Pro Seguridad y Desarrollo de Santiago Atitlan (Available in Spanish, click on the image below to download) This Protection Journal tells the story of the municipality of Santiago Atitilán during the internal armed conflict and the events that led to the creation of the Committee. In January […]

Protection Manual for Community-based Human Rights Defenders (2013)

The manual addresses key concepts linked to the legal and physical protection of community-based human rights defenders living and working in remote areas. It also raises awareness of the existence of risks associated to their work, while providing security tools and protection strategies developed by Protection International. In an attempt to reach out to community-based defenders, the 70-page […]

Guide for Facilitators (2013)

This publication is intended to serve as a tool for people who are interested in facilitating training processes to develop protection capacities in human rights defenders (HRDs), their organisations and communities. The Guide contains practical advice to structure and prepare workshop sessions along the pathway set out in PI’s New Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders.

Protection Manual for LGBTI Defenders: 2nd Edition (2010)

Protection International has been working in the protection of human rights defenders for some years. To date our work has focused mainly on mainstream human rights defenders working in situations of open conflicts. In conversations with various defenders working on LGBTI rights it became evident that we needed to expand our focus and our work […]

Protection against the threats of the 21st century (2009)

One of the challenges we deal with is how to prevent attacks against defenders in rural and semi-rural communities. At the time of publication, existing protection models mainly focused on urban areas. Through the seminar ”Protegiéndonos ante las amenazas del siglo XXI y su sistematización” the publication produced by PI’s Aj Noj Protection Desk aims to develop a […]

Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders (2009)

The purpose of this manual is to provide human rights defenders (HRDs) with additional knowledge and tools that may be useful for improving their understanding of security and protection. The manual can be used to support training on security and protection, help defenders carry out their own risk assessments and define security rules and procedures that suit […]

Guide for Human Rights Defenders on Combatting Criminalisation (2009)

This manual contains best practices and mechanisms for coping with actions aimed at criminalising human rights defenders (HRDs), their organizations and communities. This guide is available in Spanish. UDEFEGUA, through the Aj Noj Protection Desk Program and in partnership with Protection Intentional, is pleased to introduce the “Guide for Human Rights Defenders on Criminalization”. This Guide […]