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Annual Report 2013

30 September 2013

In 2013, Protection International (PI) continued to support the work of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) across the world and help make their environments safer. The following Annual Report gives concrete examples of PI’s work throughout the world in 2013, but specifically focused on capacity building, research projects, working with duty bearers on the development of national public policies protecting HRDs and ensuring the implementation of existing protection policies for HRDs.

We also accompanied over 95 civil society organisations (CSOs) in 15 countries, often in isolated parts of Africa, South and Central America and Asia. With PI’s support and guidance, organisations begin to develop new approaches to their protection and are able to better carry out risk assessments, analyse security incidents and respond to evolving trends of threats and attacks.

PI dedicates this annual report to its teams out in the field; who, as defenders of defenders, are constantly taking risks themselves. It is also dedicated to those working in head office, and all our partners – individuals and organisations with whom we work hand-in-hand. Your backing enables us to continue our long-term support of HRDs.

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