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Protection International releases its TOP IMPACT STORIES 2016

28 February 2016

Amongst all its achievements, Protection International publishes its TOP IMPACT STORIES of the year, showcasing a few but emblematic cases of its on-field work.

Colombian protection network gains recognition

The Protection International Colombia team supported the Magdalena Medio protection network to visit national authorities, officials and journalists in Bogota to bring visibility to their legitimate land property claims against illegal occupation by companies and former paramilitaries.

Encouraging legal protection for HRDS in DRC

Since 2014, the Protection International DRC team gave technical advice to members of the commission in charge of this bill and advocated for its approval along with civil society organizations.

In January 2016, the Governor of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo promulgated the edict on the protection of human rights defenders and journalists in South Kivu.

Better security for Kenyan LGBTIQ defenders

NYARWEK successfully created a protection network to strengthen the defense of LGBTIQ rights in Kenya.

A lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender group based in Kisumo, successfully took charge and set up their security network. Since their security policy was established, violations against HRDs within the NYARWEK network went down by 50%, even if violations against HRDs by authorities, institutions and society in Kenya increased 16% in 2014.

Freedom for Joel Ogada​

Protection International Kenya supported the Malindi Rights Forum to call for the release of Joel Ogada, a farmer and criminalized human rights defender in the Marereni area at the Kenyan coast who resisted the eviction carried out by Kurawa Salt Company. He was in prison for 16 months wrongfully convicted of arson while defending human rights.

Fighting impunity against the killings of environmental Thai defenders​

Protection International denounced, briefed and informed state authorities, media, civil society organizations (CSO) and international stakeholders on the consistent case of impunity on the murders of environmental and land rights defenders in SPFT communities.

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