Document Type: Defenders Tools

[Thai] Protection Manual for Community-based Human Rights Defenders

11 December 2009

The manual addresses key concepts linked to the legal and physical protection of community-based human rights defenders living and working in remote areas. It also raises awareness of the existence of risks associated to their work, while providing security tools and protection strategies developed by Protection International.

In an attempt to reach out to community-based defenders, the 70-page booklet is written in Thai and contains lively illustrations drawing a parallel between the six-step rice cultivation process and the implementation of security measures. Moreover, the manual allows readers to easily adopt security guidelines into practice.

It contains selected stories and best practices adopted in other communities to help defenders develop their own tactics and protocols to claim their rights convincingly and safely. The annexes contain detailed information on duty-bearers and international stakeholders, as well as templates to help human rights defenders document and submit complaints to the National Human Rights Commission.

Following in the footsteps of the CUIDÁNDONOS: Protection Guide for human rights defenders in rural areas elaborated by Protection Desk Guatemala, the manual for community-based defenders published by Protection Desk Thailand is part of Protection International’s long-standing commitment to assist defenders in building a safe working environment for them and their communities.

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