The gender perspective in the protection of women human rights defenders – the experiences of Mexico and Honduras.

Protection International, JASS and CEJIL come together in this publication to deepen understanding of violence against women human rights defenders and to demand effective action from states. This publication aims to identify how the gender perspective has been incorporated into practices, strategies, regulations and programmes for the protection of human rights defenders in Honduras and […]

Sharing Knowledge About the Collective Protection of Black Women Human Rights Defenders

On June 5, Protection International and the Institute of Black Women – GELEDÉS presented the guidebook “Sharing knowledge about collective protection of black women human rights defenders”, a publication resulting from the series of virtual meetings “Voices of women” which were held in 2020. The booklet compiles information and insights from more than 20 black […]

What do we mean by collective protection?

What do we mean by collective protection and what are its main elements? In the infographic below, we share the key concepts that are needed to better understand collective protection. What is it? Who constitutes a collective of human rights defenders? What are their approaches? And what are some examples within the Colombian context? Protection […]

The Right to Defend Human Rights During COVID-19

Within the framework of the social, economic and public health emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic, Protection International Colombia created the following guidebook aimed at human rights defenders and their communities within the country. This guide contains relevant information and basic recommendations for addressing the risks faced by human rights defenders and communities, which are intensified […]

Collective protection of HRDs: defenders of the right to land and territory

Protection International, in collaboration with its Colombian partner Pensamiento y Acción Social (PAS), launches an innovative publication exploring broader approaches to the protection of human rights defenders, particularly those defending the right to land and territory: COLLECTIVE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS OF THE RIGHT TO LAND AND TERRITORY – CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENTS AND METHODOLOGICAL CHALLENGES. […]