Marjorie Unal is Head of the Programme Coordination Unit (PCU) and a member of Protection International (PI)’s management team. Based in Brussels, she joined PI in 2016 and worked initially as Programme Coordinator for Africa, where she actively supported the strengthening of women human rights defenders movements.

Marjorie has 20 years of experience in international development contexts, working with multi-cultural and multi‐disciplinary teams at community level and in broad based strategic positions. She has an extensive experience in strategic programming, including project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, partnership building, and governmental and philanthropic funding mechanisms. She holds a Master Degree in Development Studies and Bachelor Degree in International Relations from Paris Sorbonne North University.

Before joining PI, Marjorie worked in Asia for 12 years, promoting the protection of children‘s rights in Bangladesh and Myanmar, and supporting the emergence of disability rights movements and grassroots groups in Indonesia, Tibet and China with the INGO Humanity & Inclusion. She is passionate about social and environmental justice. She is a climate conscious activist who cycled across the Himalayas and lives in Brussels, in a family of four, using only bicycles as a means of transport.