Annual publications

20 Jan
Guidebook: Weaving Knowledge for the Defence of our Rights   Colombia is one of countries where the rights of women and human rights defenders are most violated: murders, forced disappearances, threats, sexual violence, stigmatization, criminalization, police abuse and co-optation of leadership,...
30 Jul
We are pleased to share with you our Annual Report 2020, which brings together stories and highlights from this past year concerning our work with human rights defenders (HRDs) who fortify the Right to Defend Human Rights (RDHR) across the globe.     2020 has been an unprecedented time for...
10 Jun
10/06/2021 - This paper is based on a Protection International prior submission to the UNSR on HRDs Mary Lawlor (September 2020), in response to her call for documents for her annual report “Final warning: death threats and killings of human rights defenders” (presented by the UNSR on HRDs on March...
26 May
Collective Protection Networks for Remote Rural Communities: A Case Study of the Role of Social Networks in Protecting Rural Communities in Latin America Working Paper No. 11 Protection International, May 2021 The Human Rights Defender Hub Working Papers Series This Working Paper Series aims to...
08 Feb
Report on discussions concerning the collective protection of individuals and communities that are defenders of human, environmental and territorial rights   In 2020, Protection International-PI, the Associação de Advogados de Trabalhadores Rurais- AATR (Brazil), the Centro de Estudos e Ação Social...
21 Jan
A lot can change in a year, and 2020 has been unprecedented for Protection International—both in terms of challenges and innovation. The sudden outburst of COVID-19 has had a direct impact on all parts of society, as well as on our personal lives. It has not only added onto the usual struggles...
11 Aug
We are pleased to share with you our 2019 Annual Report, a publication which brings together our stories and highlights with women and men human rights defenders (W/HRDs) who protect the Right to Defend Human Rights (RDHR) across the globe. 2019 was a year in which the world witnessed a rise in...
18 Mar
Política pública de protección para defensores colectivos de la tierra y el territorio Límites y posibilidades en el posacuerdo
27 Feb
How to summarise a year spent day by day next to those promoting and protecting human rights? Our Focus Stories, formerly Top Impact stories, showcase some emblematic examples of how slowly but steadily we are taking incremental steps towards a greater promotion of the right to defend human rights...
01 Aug
Protection International is pleased to share its 2018 Annual Report, one which highlights some remarkable moments from a challenging year for human rights defenders (HRDs) and protection of the right for all to defend human rights. 2018 was a year of both celebration and struggle for Protection...
01 Jun
Protection International initiated this baseline study on the security and protection of women human rights defenders (WHRDs) in North and South Kivu in order to adapt its support to the specific security and protection needs of WHRDs, identify specific needs, review existing internal tools and...
19 Dec
Amongst all its achievements, Protection International publishes its Top Impact Stories of the year, showcasing a few but emblematic cases of its on-field work.