HRDs being interviewed by journalists


A Call to End Vigilante Dispersal at Public Events in Indonesia

11 April 2016

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has released a statement concerning the protection of the right to freedom of expression and assembly in Indonesia. Over the past two months vigilante groups have forcibly dispersed groups at peaceful events, countered only with an indifference by police about protecting these rights of expression.

Examples of forced dissolution include a cultural festival organized by human rights activists in Ismail Marzuki Park, Jakarta on 26 February, a monologue on Tan Malaka, in Bandung City, West Java Province on 23 March, and a public event organized by the Association of Islamic Students (HMI)in Pekan Baru city, Riau Province on 3 April. Police in Indonesia are allowing impunity for intolerant and anti-democracy groups to threaten, intimidate, and commit violence against HRDs in a wide range of issues ranging from LGBT, Freedom of Religion and Belief, Women’s Rights, Artists, etc.

Thus, the AHRC is “calling upon the Government of Indonesia to ensure that the security forces, in particular the police, protect and respect the right to freedom of expression, opinion and assembly of all persons without discrimination.” Read the full statement by the AHRC.