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Indonesian Companies Accused of Arming Myanmar’s Military Junta: PI Joins Call for Immediate Action

10 October 2023

The Coalition of Civil Society Organisations for Myanmar/Burma Solidarity has expressed support for the report submitted to the National Human Rights Institution of Indonesia (Komnas HAM). The report alleges that Indonesian companies PT. Pindad, PT. PAL, and PT. Dirgantara Indonesia has been involved in supplying arms and equipment to the military junta in Myanmar. While these companies and their holding company, Defend ID, have denied the allegations, evidence suggests otherwise. The military junta’s ongoing atrocities, including mass killings and airstrikes, underscore the urgency of the matter. The Coalition criticizes Indonesia for prioritizing profit over human rights and calls for immediate action.

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Myanmar/Burma Solidarity proposes the following recommendations for Komnas HAM:

  1. Komnas HAM should use its mandate to conduct an independent human rights assessment concerning the situation in Myanmar and the alleged involvement of the Indonesian companies.
  2. Komnas HAM should urge the Ministry of Defense and other relevant bodies to cease arms trade with the military junta immediately.
  3. Komnas HAM should file a case against the alleged actors in the Human Rights Court, as per its mandate.

The Coalition emphasizes that profits should never come at the expense of human rights and calls for substantive actions to be taken.

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