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Apply Now: PI’s E-Learning Course on “Security and Protection Management for Human Rights Defenders and Social Organisations”

12 April 2024
e-learning course 2024

Protection International (PI) is excited to announce another edition of its e-learning course, Security and Protection Management for Human Rights Defenders and Social Organisations, starting from September 16. Registration is open until July 28, 2024. To secure your spot and access detailed course information, simply email us at

Since 2011, PI has supported human rights defenders (HRDs) through its e-learning programme. The course was revised in 2021 to integrate new approaches and methodologies based on PI’s decade-long experience. Available in English, Spanish and French, this course aims to strengthen participants’ skills and strategies necessary to enhance their security and protection levels both individually and collectively.

The upcoming edition is based on our soon-to-be-launch manual, «Defending Rights, Defending Safely». Participants will have exclusive access to our renewed manual, developed by Protection International. It features additional content and case studies, structured into three thematic modules: Risk Analysis; Protection Responses; and Security Management. Each module comprises didactic units, progressively enhancing HRDs’ capabilities.

E-Learning Key Information

Course starts: Monday, September 16
Registration deadline: Sunday, July 28
Duration: 72 hours over 12 weeks (approximately 6 hours per week).
Languages: English, Spanish, and French.
Target audience: NGOs, human rights defenders and their communities, social development or social justice organisations and coalitions, humanitarian aid workers. Priority will be given to group applications (2-3 people).

Why Choose This Course?

PI’s e-Learning programme is an educational and training initiative for all those who face security risks because of their involvement in human rights, humanitarian, or social development work. The course fosters skills, capacities and strategies of human rights defenders, aimed at enhancing participants security and protection levels.  Through interactive learning methodologies and gamification elements, the course ensures an engaging and enjoyable educational experience.

The e-learning course adopts an integrated and situated approach, encompassing physical, digital, and emotional security dimensions. It emphasises practicality, drawing from real-life risk scenarios and defenders’ practices while using both gendered and intersectional approach. Participants will learn to conduct comprehensive risk analyses, devise protection strategies, and strengthen protection networks within their organisations and communities. In PI, we will always encourage interactivity and student participation, helping participants expand their networks and connect with other defenders from around the world.

Who Should Enrol?

The course is aimed at individuals and organisations working in the fields of human rights, social development, and humanitarian aid particularly those facing security risks (for instance, in the context of armed conflict or political repression due to their work as human rights defenders). Group enrolment is encouraged to facilitate knowledge sharing and enhance collective protection.

How Does It Work?

Participants are expected to dedicate approximately 6 hours per week to the course, including reading materials, completing exercises, and engaging in discussions. Under the guidance of experienced tutors, participants will navigate through case studies and practical exercises tailored to their specific context and experiences. Active participation is key to the success of the course.

Before enrolling, take into consideration that you will need access to internet and a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to follow the e-learning course. 


We offer different payment modalities (including Paypal and bank transfer). Fees might vary, adjusting to your specific situation.

Please, fill in your registration form and send it to Ángela Díaz at to receive personalised budget details.


Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate in “Security and Protection for Human Rights Defenders and Social Organisations.”

Enrolment Process

To enrol, simply fill out the registration form in English, Spanish or French and email it to Ángela Díaz at

For More Information

Visit our dedicated Q&A section or contact Ángela Díaz at for detailed inquiries about the course or enrolment process.