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Protección colectiva en las comunidades indígenas: el Plan de vida

Desde el año 2019, Protection International (PI) acompaña el fortalecimiento de capacidades para la protección colectiva de las comunidades indígenas de las etnias Sikuani, Kuiba y Piapoco, ubicadas en el municipio de La Primavera: en el asentamiento El Trompillo y los resguardos La Pascua y la Llanura, en el departamento del Vichada, en la región […]

Protection International Africa Keeps Sharing Knowledge and Reinforcing Capacities For Individuals and Collectives Who Work to Defend Human Rights

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West African defenders promoting narratives for the right to defend human rights On April 12 and 13, Protection International Africa in conjunction the West African Human Rights Defenders Network (WAHRDN) conducted a Narratives workshop for 16 Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) collectives from 16 countries in West Africa.  The HRDs assessed the dominant narratives in the […]

Women human rights defenders come together around the world

Collectives of women human rights defenders (HRDs) are organising around the world to combat the violations of their rights, deepened by the structural discrimination that women face almost everywhere in the world. For more than 15 years, Protection International (PI) has witnessed these women’s resilience, empowerment and strength. Women’s movements are coming together from Latin […]

Protection International will participate in the international workshop “Protection of Human Rights Defenders: Good Practices and the Role of Italy”

11 June 2018 Protection International will participate in the international workshop “Protection of Human Rights Defenders: Good Practices and the Role of Italy”, which will take place in Rome on the 18th of June. Liliana de Marco Coenen, Executive Director of PI, will speak as a representative of civil society organizations. In addition, the workshop will also be attended […]

Photo Report on Protection Desk Congo

Between June and August 2012, Americano-Czech photographer Jana Ašenbrennerová spent some time with our team at the Protection Desk Congo. Here’s the best of. Protection Desk officer Balzac Buzerwa training a local organization Bukavu’s human rights defenders exchanging during a training. Bukavu’s defenders during an Ask&Answer session at their office with PI protection officers. Team building exercise […]